July 10, 1982

historyRoseburg's first Graffiti Night Cruise, on Harvard. The Umpqua Flatheads Car Club were at the A & W, the Stray Angels Car Club were at Pete''s Drive-In and the Timberland Corvettes sold Graffiti Night T-shirts. Richard Dickman had the bright idea that it might be fun to relive the 50's with a cruise down Harvard. He mentioned this to several of the car clubs, who all thought that it could be a great thing to do. A date was set. Flyers were sent to the car clubs in the surrounding area. Both restaurants helped with the costs. Any year and type of vehicle could cruise and there was no entry fee. The turnout (vehicles and spectators) was beyond all expectation.


The Stray Angels Show-N-Shine was added on Sunday so those who came for the Cruise would have a place to show off their cars and visit. (This became a Saturday event the next year.)


The Cruise was moved to the Downtown Roseburg core area, at the request of the Roseburg City Police Department. This would give the club a controlled environment in which they could start limiting the vehicles that would be allowed to cruise.

 Over the years these two events have grown to the 15 that will be held this year. Roseburg Graffiti Weekend is unique in several ways; each event is the responsibility of a different group, the events take place in various locations throughout the greater Roseburg area, most of the events are free and most of the events are planned for family enjoyment. It is due to the generous support of the local businesses that we have been able to keep Roseburg Graffiti Weekend affordable.

The quality of the events is a prime importance as the goal is to maintain Roseburg Graffiti Weekend as a safe, alcohol free, drug free family event.


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